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Blazing Hooves of Equine ~ Mythical horse rp~

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by Frost bite88, Jun 12, 2016.

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    1:No power playing

    2: Ask me for high ranks or rare powers

    3: If you have more horse species ideas tell me :D

    4: Be active if you have an important role

    5: Put Equine in other is you read this WHOLE thing

    6: There will only be one horse with the rare powers in each herd

    7: Please let's make sure the each gender has the same amount, no a million girls and no boys

    8: Ask for Mixed horse

    Welcome to Equine, a small blue plant with one large continent and colorful rings, there is only one sun but two small moons, one a light blue the other a shimmering silver. On this planet the horses rule, there are no humans and other animals are rare.

    Herd Rules, Traditions, and Life Styles

    1: Each species of horse lives in one herd, or in other words one herd per species and any mixed species horse are super rare but are known to happen

    2: Cross species love is forbidden in all herds but is known to happen rarely

    3: In case of a Mixed foal or forbidden love, punishment of some kind is to be in place

    4: Very time the blue moon is full every month, all herds must send their leaders, commanders, healers, and some soldiers and maybe some trainees to Ancestors Island for an all herd gathering

    5: The Blue Moon Gathering most be peaceful even is herds are at war or else

    6: Very time the silver moon is full every month, half a month after the blue, the healers must head to Ancestors Island and go to the Star Shine Pool for guidance

    7: There are two Leaders per herd, a lead mare and lead stallion both are mates. If a leader does not have a mate there is no consequence

    8: There are two Commanders per herd, which are second in command

    9: Every year the two moons of Equine are full on the same night, every herd most go to Ancestors Island to have a huge celebration

    10: The herds have a unique naming system, they always have two part names the ending of each name tells what rank you are. For Foals they have filly at the for a girl and colt at the end for a boy, Ex: Waterfilly, Watercolt. For Trainees they have seed as their ending name because the will grow into a plant, Ex: Waterseed. Soldiers, Mothers, Commanders, and Elders have many types of endings that fit the horse, Ex: Watersharp, Waterstorm, Waterflower, Waterfur, etc. Healers end with Pool, named after the Star Shine Pool, Ex: Waterpool. Lead Stallion ends with Star after Star Shine Pool, Ex: Waterstar. Lead Mare ends with Shine after Star Shine Pool, Ex: Watershine

    11: Foals must be at least 5 years of age to be Trainees

    12: Healers may cross borders if need

    13: Once a year there is a day when neither moon can be see, this is called the Day of Silence, if a horse makes a sound it is said the horse will become cursed.

    14: If you want to take a mate you must ask your the leaders if the leaders say no, you must take the leader to Star Shine Pool to see if the Ancestors accept the couple's bond and if they would be good mates


    Lead Stallion: Leads the herd with mate, one per herd

    Lead Mare: Leads the herd with mate, one per herd

    Commanders: Helps leaders in decisions, one to two in a herd

    Healers: Heals herd members, 1-4 in herd

    Healers Trainees: Traing to be a Healer, depends on number of Healers

    Soldiers: They guard and protect their herd, they also build stuff for the herd , many in herd

    Trainees: In training to be a Soldier

    Mothers: They are mares with foals, or mares expecting a foal, they raise their young into old enough for the foal to become a Trainee

    Foals: They are the young that aren't old enough to be Trainees

    Elders: They are too old to be soldiers but are highly respected for their stories of their bravery as Soldiers


    Pegasi : These horses have feathered wings and usually have feathers in there mane and tail. Both genders can have bright colored feathers but their coat are natural horse colors and some have the super rare ability to control wind or weather . This herd lives in the Cliff Soar Mountains, the mountains have been craved out and holds a strong hold and village

    Unicorns : These horses have horns sticking out of there forehead, usually white or grey and have the super rare power to control plants. This herd lives in Fern Rain Forest, their village and strong hold are well hidden in the trees

    Nightmares : These horses have flaming manes, tail, and hooves and are pitch black. Blue and purple fire is super rare and so is the ability to control fire. This herd lives in Night Flare Volcanoes and their village and strong hold are made of obsidian

    Diomedes : These horses have sharp teeth for eating flesh so they hunt, the have red eyes and are usually dark natural horse colors, some have the super rare ability to see though stuff. This herd lives on the opposite side of Fern Rain Forest, away from the mountains, their village and strong hold is made out trees and small prey bones

    Sleipnirs : These horses have eight powerful legs and are considered the fastest herd, they can be any natural horse color, some have the super rare ability to teleport. This herd lives in the Burn Sun Desert and their village and strong hold is made into a butte

    Kelpies : These horses are very colorful and their manes and tails are usually seaweed and some have the super rare ability to control water. This herd lives everywhere in water but their village and strong hold is at the bottom of Flicker Glow Lake

    Cryoidae : These horses and massive in size with thick fluffy fur and have long thick antlers on the top of their head that are sharpened to a point, usually lighter natural horse colors and some have the super rare ability to control ice. This herd lives in the Ice Freeze Tundra amd their village and strong hold are made from ice

    Cartazono : These horses are golden with a lion mane and tail and a horn growing out of its forehead, some have the rare ability to move rocks and metal. This herd lives in the Soft Sweet Plains and their village and strong hold are made of boulders


    (I made this map, that's kinda why it looks bad : / )


    Soft Sweet Plains: This beautiful golden and green plain is home to the Cartazono herd, but because of the delicious grass it's often fought over, it's named after it's soft, sweet grass

    Flicker Glow Lake: This deep lake is a water source of the Cartazono herd but at the bottom lives the colorful Kelpies so most of the Cartazono use it for swimming not drinking, It was named after the fireflies that fly around it at night

    Burn Sun Desert: This hot rusty colored desert is home to the Sleipnir herd, this territory is never fought over because no other herd can handle the heat of the ground or air or the little water and food source, it was named after the burning sun that heats up this desert

    Fern Rain Forest: This lovely forest is split between two herds, the Unicorns and the Diomedes . The border is where the land meets in a V and Branch Sway Lake is cut in half, leaving two rivers for both herds. It was named after all the ferns on the ground and it rains here one a week

    Branch Sway Lake: This lake is named after the many large branches hanging of the lake which sway in the wind quietly, at the moment the Unicorns and Diomedes are fighting for it.

    Night Fire Volcanoes: This volcano range is home to the Nightmares because only they can stand the heat, it was named after the Nightmares and the it's continuing erupting volcanoes

    Bubble Flare Springs: These streaming hot springs are the main source of water for the Nightmare herd and a source for relaxation because of the bubbles and stream, but only the Nightmares can stand the heat, It was named after the bubbles that are flaring out of the ground with the water

    Cliff Soar Mountains: This mountain range is the home to the Pegasi herd though it is battled over once in awhile because of space but food is hard to eat sometimes, It was named after how the cliffs seem it soar into the sky

    Eagle Nest Pond: This the main source of water for the Pegasi herd, It was named after the many eagles who come to nest in the few trees around the clear and clean pond

    Ice Freeze Tundra: This freezing tundra is home to the Cryoidae, who is the only herd who can withstand the cold, It was named after it's ice and freezing temperatures

    Frozen Hoof Lake: The main source of water for the Cryoidae but they most be careful, many have fallen and died in its icy depth, it was named after a few soldiers who camped there and got terrible frostbite on their hooves and they couldn't walk so the died there, with their hooves frozen to the middle of the lake, some foolish Trainees have been know to walk out onto the lake in search of the hooves

    Ancestors Island: This island is flat and covered in flowers the same color as the moons that glow in the moon light and right in the middle of the island is the Star Shine Pool, which horses use to connect with the dead for guidance. In front of the pool is a long and thick tree log that the leaders stand on to speak and under the tree sits the Commanders and besides the tree sits the Healers .


    The Power in each herd must be found,
    Before the time without sound ,
    If the Powers do fail,
    The Pale will have all of Equine

    Ok so what does this mean? Well I need one trainee for each herd to have that super rare power, four males and four females, but of course the herds haven't figured it out yet but they will

    Joining Forum



    New tread just started and looking for people to join

    Anyone wanna make a character page? Please?


    Frost bite88~ Blizzardseed, Cryoidae power///Ravenshine, Nightmare rare blue lead mare /// Sunflare, Cartazono commander/ //Hawkstar, Pegasus lead stallion /// Oceansplash, Kelpie healer/// Wolfcolt, Sleipnir foal/// Mistycloud, Unicorn soldier///Littlebark, Diomedes soldier///

    henny1129~ Puffinseed, Cryoidae trainee///

    Cluckcluck1215~ Fireshine, Diomedes lead mare/// Ravenseed, Nightmare trainee///

    tillierocks123~ Ashseed, Nightmare power///
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  2. Name: Blizzardseed
    Age: 6
    Gender: Male
    Herd: Cryoidae
    Rank: Trainee
    Mate/Crush: None yet
    Personally: Sturdy, is very protective of those he cares for but he's slow to trust but a good friend to have on your side, he's and kind too
    Description/Picture: Large, even for a Cryoidae his age , his thick fur is light silver with many white spots, his mane and tail are a dark silver and he already has large black pointed antlers for his age and his eyes are icy blue
    Username: Frost bite88
    Other: He is the Power for the Cryoidae, he just doesn't know it yet

    Name: Ravenshine
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Herd: Nightmare
    Rank: Lead mare
    Mate/Crush: Lead stallion
    Personally: Feisty and loud, she knows she's the boss and she loves the rank, she's really caring towards her herd and likes to make them laugh
    Description/Picture: Pitch black mare with a white star on her forehead and white socks, her mane and tail is the rare blue color that starts out a little purple then turns into a bright electric blue
    Username: Frost bite88
    Other: Equine

    Name: Sunflare
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Herd: Cartazono
    Rank: Commander
    Mate/Crush: other commander
    Personally: Serious and calm in the face of danger, would give his life in a second for a herd mate even if he seems strict, he's just looking out for his herd
    Description/Picture: A bright golden stallion with a long dark amber mane and his fur on his tail tip is long too, his horn is sharp and long and a bright gold a little bit brighter then his pelt, his eyes are a warming amber
    Username: Frost bite88
    Other: Equine

    Name: Hawkstar
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Herd: Pegasus
    Rank: Lead stallion
    Mate/Crush: Lead mare
    Personally: Calm and collected, he's very serious and demands to be followed, but he is also nice and loyal
    Description/Picture: Hawkstar is a dark ginger brown color with a lighter underside, his mane and tail is a dark brown almost black color. His wings are a bright rainbow color and there are raindow feathers in his mane, tail, and chest. His eyes are a sharp hazel with a black line outlining his eyes
    Username: Frost bite88
    Other: Equine

    Name: Oceansplash
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Herd: Kelpie
    Rank: just became a full fledged Healer
    Mate/Crush: none yet
    Personally: Happy, bubbly, sweet, funny, and very flirtatious
    Description/Picture: A deep blue furred mare with bright aqua green scales that start at her nose and runs over her face, neck, and back with a thick stripe, her mane and tail is bright green seaweed and her eyes are violet blue
    Username: Frost bite88
    Other: Equine
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2016
  3. Name: Wolfcolt
    Age: 1 year
    Gender: Male
    Herd: Sleipnir
    Rank: Foal
    Mate/Crush: none yet
    Personally: oblivious to anything he finds boring or uninteresting, happy and always smiling a goofy smile and is extremely hyper
    Description/Picture: A long legged light grey colt with dark grey spots on his back and neck, his legs are dark grey with black socks and his muzzle is black and his mane and tail are black, his eyes are yellow with small orange flecks
    Username: Frost bite88
    Other: Equine

    Name: Mistycloud
    Age: 35
    Gender: Female
    Herd: Unicorn
    Rank: Soldier
    Mate/Crush:none yet
    Personally: Quiet, silent, and antisocial
    Description/Picture: A white and very pale grey pinto, she has silverish blue eyes and her horn is white, looks like a narrowed sea shell and her mane and tail and a misty whitish silver
    Username: Frost bite88
    Other: Equine

    Name: Littlebark
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Herd: Diomedes
    Rank: soldier
    Mate/Crush: none yet
    Personally: Ambitious and sharp tongued but also really sweet
    Description/Picture: A very small black mare with light brown legs and ears, her mane and tail is black and her eyes are a deep crimson red
    Username:Frost bite88
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2016
  4. (Can I have a lead mare in ice freeze tundra?)

  5. (Yes)
  6. henny1129

    henny1129 Crazy Livestock Gal

    Name: Puffinseed
    Age: 5
    Gender: Female
    Herd: Cryoidae
    Rank: Healer Trainee
    Mate/Crush: None Yet
    Personally: A sweet, quiet young mare. She follows directions well and doesn't like getting in trouble. She occasionally has a wild spirit and loves to run free across the tundra.
    Description/Picture: A very dark brown color with white legs beneath her knees. Her mane and tail start white, and then shade to a dark brown color similar to her body coat at the bottom. She has chocolate brown eyes.
    Username: henny1129
    Other: Equine

    Also, I don't know if this should've gone in "other" or not, but this is the first time I have done one of these things, so if I mess up just tell me. :)

  7. (Accepted, thanks for joining)

  8. henny1129

    henny1129 Crazy Livestock Gal

  9. (We need a few more members before we start)
  10. Name:fire night
    Heard:ice freeze tundra
    Rank:lead mare
    Personality:kind sweet,can be stern
    Description:a black mare,with blood red hooves and eyes

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