bleeding foot.

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    My EE Kentecy(spelling?) Derby (KD) has a bleeding foot. I was locking them up and moving some to the roosts ( they sleep on the nesting boxes [​IMG] ) and I saw some blood under the roosts and the hen above it was KD I started to pick up her wing to look for a wound and saw blood on her foot, I picked it up and there was a little wound on the buttom of the foot. Its no longer bleeding, and I can't seperate her what can I do for her? Also what could have caused it [​IMG] ?
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    Could be your hen cut her foot on the place she was perching. If you have any way to separate her I would do so immediately; the possibility of her contracting a nasty staph infection (bumblefoot) is very real now that her skin is broken. I would keep her in a clean cage, maybe with a paper or cloth surface that can be replaced, and keep that foot clean clean clean. Some might also recommend antibiotics, but first she will need some first aid.

    Good luck! Please keep us posted.
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    If you have any way to separate her I would do so immediately

    I can't I already have 3 roos in the only area to isolate her at the moment. [​IMG]
    keep that foot clean clean clean.

    how can I bandage it? I'm thinking that she or one of they others would pull a bandage off. [​IMG]
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    Clean the wound with soap & water. If you need to, soak it for a bit in warm water with a squirt of antibacterial soap. Pat dry. Then put plain Neosporin (not the kind with pain killer in it) all over the cut. Take a non stick bandage and fold it so it's about the size of the foot. Wrap that lightly in gauze to secure it, then wrap the whole assembly with the lightly sticky tape, the kind they use to secure bandages. If you don't have any, use masking tape, but make sure there is gauze underneath, don't stick it to the skin. Try to leave her toes free, if the wound is near the toes, you will need to wrap them separately so she can balance. When your done it will look like this:[​IMG] (The chicken above only has one toe on each foot, that's why it looks odd) Just make sure it's not wrapped too tight.
    Change the bandage every two days until the wound closes.
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    I caught here Today and it had closed [​IMG] [​IMG] I cleaned the foot just in case though.
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    Don't forget that super glue is your friend. After you clean the wound real good. put a dab of super glue on it and let it dry before you put it down, it is like a bandage. It keeps out dirt and water and such. Just an idea! Doctors around the country are using it for small cuts and scrapes!
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    Quote:that photo reminds me of the days of leg warmers... [​IMG]
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    Instead of wrapping up the foot all the way I used baby socks [​IMG]

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