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    When I got home yesterday my 9 month old GLW had blood pouring out of her comb. I took her in and cleaned her up, it seems she caught her comb on something and it ripped part of it off the end. This is what I did... I wrapped her in a towel, got gauze q-tips and water. cleaned it best I would then put triple antibiotic cream on it, gave her polyvisol then put her in a travel cage it the dinning room with crumbles greenbeans and water. She ate drank and pooped fine. So this morning I put her in the coop with the other 8 girls. They all seemed fine with her.

    My questions are...

    1) blue kote what does it do and do I need it. I have heard people mention it for injuries.

    2) Does she need an injectable antobiotic? If so what kind, how much and where to give it. My feed store has some but I dont know which kind,.. and the guy was too busy to look.
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    She should be fine, just watch her around the other chickens as they might pick at it and cause it to bleed again..... they heal pretty quickly.
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    May 15, 2009
    Chickens peck at anything red so if she has a bloody comb or a reddish scab the other chicken will go after it and keep the wound from healing in a timely manner. Blue Kote has some antibacterial ingredients in it to promote healing and dyes the wounded area blue so the chickens aren't interested in picking at it.
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    thanks for the replies, she is doing wonderful. No more bleeding or pecking issues from the others either. Which is great. She even laid an egg. I made it though my first chicken emergency!!

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