Bleeding on foot

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    Hello, I have a buff bantam Cochin Rooster, who I noticed today was bleeding on his foot. It almost looks like he has more feathers coming in on his foot. But it has been bleeding since first thing this morning. I don't know what would have caused it or what I should do to treat it. I have put an ointment for cuts on it already to prevent invention. We free range them, do you think I should keep him inside today so it doesn't get dirty? 20180327_150721.jpg
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    Is it possible to get a better photo, this time of the entire foot?

    If the wound refuses to stop bleeding, dust it with corn starch or flour or sugar.

    Not being able to see the wound and where it actually is on the foot, I can't comment further.
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    Sometimes they get a blood feather partially pecked out, and those blood feathers can bleed and bleed. If you see one, pluck it our, and that should stop the bleeding. I am not sure that is what you are seeing, but you usually can see blood oozing out of the feather shaft.
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