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Aug 14, 2019
I have a blind chick named Sofia. I wrote of her situation, at length, on the introduction thread, if anyone is interested in back story.

She has to be hand fed because of blindness. She’s a picky eater as well, preferring soggy bread to most everything. (And hold the crust please, thank you very much)

Came to get advice on expanding her diet.

UPDATE: As of yesterday, she’s been sampling commercial feed instead of spitting it out. Also, she seems stronger and is even starting to sit on the “baby roost poll” I have in their cage.

However, more ideas welcome.

Bread can be bad to cause crop problems. I would instead try some very wet chick feed, chopped scrambled egg, and canned pate cat food can be good as well. B complex vitamins 1/4 tablet crushed into food may help her appetite and would be good for her.

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