Blind chick.

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    Apr 24, 2009
    What do I do? The poor little thing is a third the size of the other chicks, they are all one week old as of Sunday. It's blind as can be, the poor thing. I take it out of the brooder four or five times a day and put it in a big bowl of feed and let it eat for 20min. then I put it in a bucket of water, only 1/4in. deep, and let it drink for 10min. or when it starts crying to get out. The other chicks don't peck it or anything, but they do run it over by mistake while they're playing, etc. It stands in the corner and cries until another chick comes over to it, and feels around with it's beak to find it's way. I love this little baby, but DH, my Mom, Dad, 8 year old, etc. all think it's mean to keep it alive and say I should cull it. I'm just so torn because on the one hand, this isn't a very great way to live, but on the other, we don't cull people that are born blind. KWIM? Any sage words of advice?

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    I have no idea! it's a touchy subject. I think it depends on quality of life.
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    Quote:I feel for you. Myself.......(of course being a sucker of all living creatures).. would attempt at giving her a chance to see how her quality of life plays out. If you are keeping them all the same place forever......she might figure out a way to mix and cope with her blindness. Just can't change her furniture round much after she gets used to "seeing it her way". [​IMG]
    Best wishes for a happy outcome........I am really curious to see what other folks might add.
    I have always kept my little gimps and they find their way given time and attention to a small group. If she were part of a large flock.... free ranging etc. it is another matter maybe.............[​IMG]
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    There have been a couple of post of people with blind hens that do just fine. Hopefully, one of them will see this. Why don't you try a search?
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    Whatever you decide to do ultimately, to start I think you should keep her in a smaller box with maybe one ot two other chicks. Decide where to put the food and water (like at one end of the box) and from now on leave it there. keep in mind she can't see to avoid falls or objects, so keeping the pen clear except for those things is a big start. Make sure to keep showing her where the food and water is in the box until you are sure she knows where they are. You will have to keep a close eye on her always because she can't look out for herself. Try not to feel sorry for her because she is blind, she doesn't know any different and most likely can learn to cope.

    Here are some interesting posts about blind chickens:
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    The poor little thing is a third the size of the other chicks, they are all one week old as of Sunday. It's blind as can be, the poor thing.

    Or you could just cull it. It's likely got other severe health problems as well. You're not doing it or yourself any favors with the way you are going.

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