Blind Tiny...slideshow

Great slideshow! Thanks for sharing!
She does get around great. She knows every single inch of her house and 10'x11' run. She's really something special.
she is such a sweet girl and so lucky to have such a loving and caring mommy like you

does she have a cuddle buddy to sleep with at night in that cute little townhouse she has?

i think tiny would make a wonderful mom

I don't know her story. How did you find out she was blind? I think this is so special!!
She does not have a cuddle buddy yet. I've tried a few from my flock (hens at the bottom of the pecking order) but they end up turning on her and picking on her. I hope to get her some polish or silkie roommates one day. She's very happy on her own though. She's queen of the townhouse!

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