Blk. frizzle cochin cockerel for sale...Florida

Three Cedars Silkies

11 Years
Apr 17, 2008
Gainesville, Fl.
I have 2 lovely frizzled cochins roos and can only keep one of them. They are both very full feathered. The photo below was taken this past Saturday. They were hatched on 8/6 so that makes them just about 6 weeks old. I'm asking $10.00 for one of them and will ship when the weather cools down in a few weeks.


You know you want him! At least come see him...then you can decide. I PM'd you my phone #.

All my flock is being tested tomorrow for our NPIP #. I'm so excited!! So this little guy will have been tested.
Bantam should be a little less to ship....
Hmmm Head saying yes, conscience saying no , Darn it.
If I had known Friday when my parents were on their way up from FL, I could have probably talked them into bringing him up .

Sure wish I had more room, but I need to sell some birds, I definitely want some more bantam cochins, poor uno is a lonely boy.
No, I got these eggs from a breeder in Maryland...yep, paid a pretty price too!!

Glad you answered though...the eggs I got from you just started hatching last night. When I get home, I'll post some pics. None of the cochin eggs made it
But I had 2 EE's hatch, 1 of the Mille Fleur's and 2 silkies. Hopefully there will be more pipped when I get home.
Oh man!!! That's a bummer. I have been getting some really nice frizzles here. I have a little blue one running around now that is particularly cute. Hope you have lots more pipped when you get home. Good luck!!


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