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    Mar 11, 2013
    Hi recently we lost our first chicken Sheila out of the blue. She seemed so healthy. She was feeding and we thought she was one of the ones laying (though now we are not sure). She was quite a bit heavier than the others. We are from Perth, Western Australia and have had a very hot run of weather lately and we thought she may have suffered a bit of heat stroke. The other chickens seemed fine. Now 2 of the others are bloated as well. I dont think they are laying. They are behaving quite normally but are not able to jump up to different levels of ground easily or are not confident to. Still eating as normal. They seem to be resting a bit more as well. Breathing appears normal. Feathers are in
    perfect condition.
    They are highland browns and are about 3 years old.
    Please help i dont want to lose any more of my lovely chooks. Its too heartbreaking! [​IMG]
    Thank you.
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    Jan 17, 2013
    if its the hot weather causing the bloating you can try electrolytes and vitamins. i have extremely hot weather comming up here so I've been reading they say give vitamin C. it will help with heat stress also the electrolytes. now if the bloating is caused from something OTHER than the heat I'm not quite sure how to help.but if its the heat try the mix i suggested. i read its a big help in problems from heat
    infact im getting some to have on hand as my temp goes up to 107 f. very hot! really hope this helps. best wishes.

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