Bloated, shut eyes then dead chickens?!!

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    I picked up 60 new layers from a local FFA group. I have gotten chickens from her for years and hers are doing fine. Mine are dying off. I lost 3 right away now and up to a total of 7 which is a lot to loose!

    Symptoms are lethargic, not wanting to roost, bloated. Then the eyes shut for the last day and then they die.

    The rest of the flock seems healthy. Once we notice a sick bird we isolate it.

    There is no sneezing, coughing or worms present. No fleas or mites. They are pastured all day and go in the tractors at night.

    The only think I can think of is a few months ago I put some gopher bombs in some holes but I covered them up and its just sulfur. Other than that I'm not sure.

    Thanks in advance-
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    Contact your State vet and ask them about having a necropsy done.

    If more are sick, you could try Corid for coccidiosis and Safeguard for worms.


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