blocked nostril


Looking For My Marbles
10 Years
Jan 22, 2010
Dunnellon, Fl
One of our silkies has a blocked nostril. It seems to be shaving dust or something. We tried wiping it with a wet towel and tried to pick it out but couldn't get it. Any suggestions on how to get it out without harming her?
It's called "plugged nare" I'll get the link for you in a sec... seems to be more common in silkies and cochins

I used a toothpick, covererd it in a papertowel (after breaking the very sharp tip off) and kinda stabbed at it till it loosened and popped out. Warning: her nostril will expand to an unbelievable size in order to get that thing out. It will kind of be loose for a day or two after but will go back to its normal shape. The whole thing will come out in one huge, nasty, crusty, smelly booger

bee right back... not sure what it is, btw.. maybe feed dust that gets compacted??
Thanks, we managed to get it out with some peroxide and a dull toothpick, wasn't as large as we though, was only on the outside.

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