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10 Years
Dec 16, 2009
near Frederick, MD
We have finally had good weather, the snow is going away and I have started work on the duck pen/run. I am documenting the progress on a blog page here on BYC. In two days, I've started the pond (hole in the ground), built most of the pen/shelter, and put in some fencing for the run. For lots more details and pictures:

Any comments, concerns, or creative ideas welcome!

I'll post updates when they occur. Ducklings are due from Metzer's on Wednesday of this week (Mar 10).
Just make sure he drinks the beer *after* he's done digging the hole. I'm thinking a drunk man could do serious damage with one of those puppies.
2 tons of sand, 1500lbs of rock, hundreds of pounds of dirt... and about 1400 gallons of water (the hose moved that one, thank goodness!) - took about 6 hours with a wheelbarrow.

Very pleased with the way it turned out.
I did not add a drain, the slope of my yard, once I really looked would have meant running the drain about 30 feet underground. I have an old aquarium pump (high volume) that I will use to do changes instead.

What I did to try to compensate for some of the mess is to create a pocket in the bottom about 6" deeper than the rest of the pond, so hopefully all the muck settles there. Then I can drop the pump in and pull out most of the muck. It still means getting messy, but I just couldn't do a trench over 2' deep at the start for 30 feet into the yard.

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