BLONDE Black Sex Link chicks, what genetics, any ideas on gender?


8 Years
May 28, 2011
So, I have been breeding black sex links - PBR hens with my RIR rooster.
A small percentage of my chicks turns out blonde! How in the world does that happen, and does any one have an idea of what the gender of those chicks would be?
My guess would be impure bloodlines....but then I am not a genetics wizard either.

Maybe takerson will come along in a little bit and can answer your question.
Can you post a pic. I've been using the same cross for my BSL and got a few blonde chicks myself , however I also have a ISA , that also mated with my RIR Roo , so I figured the blonde chicks can from that cross . I'll post some pictures of mine Tom.
Ok, let's try to post some pics:

here is a one week old blonde Black Star chick

and the next two pictures show my two week old blonde Black Star chick


So - what do you all think? They are very pretty to me, but I wish I knew the gender...
yes, here are a couple pictures of my "Mystery" chicken - it's a hen as I thought it might be, just not black:



I finally figured out which one of my hens was mothering these blonde black stars, and after looking at all my barred rock hens I found out it wasn't a barred rock after all. It was a dominique hen and I didn't even realize I had one. She has some rather brownish barred feathers around her back half and probably is not genetically pure. So the dominique crossed with my rhode island red rooster produced some interesting colors. I also had a black star rooster that didn't look typical either and I now know he must have been a full brother to "Mystery", he was the most beautiful and tame roo I had so far. I wish I didn't have to give him away. Here is his picture:


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