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Sep 12, 2013
My Barnevelder hen (a mature stray I recently acquired...long story) just laid 2 eggs in 2 days -- on 9/19 & 9/20 -- her first eggs since I got her about a month ago. Now she is passing normal-looking feces, but there are also a few small black gelatinous droppings as well, about the size of a lima bean. She's my first and only chicken right now, so I know they are from her. Is this normal?
Also, thanks for the link to the webpage -- none of the samples pictured look exactly like what I'm seeing, but I'll monitor her output & maybe get a photo to submit. So far, she shows no signs of lethargy or increased/decreased water/food intake. Thanks again!
Thanks for the link. I came on looking for an answer to a poop question and WOW I got a good education. From the looks of thing I'd say my girl is passing things normally. I originally thought it was diarrhea. Now my only other question is about the smell. Her poop looked a bit different this morning but it does match one the normal pictures. The oder this morning is not good. Different from other mornings. We did have a night critter bothering things last night. We chased it away in the middle of the night. Not sure if it was a fox or neighbors dog Did see it dash off. Could thing be stress? Also looks like she laid an very soft shelled almost shell- less egg. any ideas
She is acting normally. Came out ate, drank and ran with the others to get some bugs
Shelless eggs are pretty common when pullets are first starting to lay or hens are getting back into laying, they should stop when they start laying regularly. If the normal eggs are thin shelled, I would be sure she has access to extra calcium. To me their cecal poops really stink in comparison to the regular poop, not that regular poop smells all that good. Stress can do weird things to chickens so far as egg laying goes (look at the egg defect chart sometime, almost all of the problems list stress as a possible cause), and active hyper chickens poop more and it goes through their system faster.
I have a couple of chicks that are about two weeks old and one of the started having blood poop and I am worried. The poop has some clots in it. Here is a picture just in case it helps

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