Blood in laying box and on egg!!!!!!


6 Years
Aug 25, 2013
This morning I went out to get my eggs and found 5 in one box and one with a smear of blood. There was also blood in the pine shavings. There was also poop which is odd. What could this be? I've recently had a hen brooding but today she was with the rest of the flock. Could it be her? How can I tell which of the 8 it is?
It is normal to have a blood smear on an egg, especially from a new layer. Occasionally a chicken will always pass a bit of poop when she lays an egg--sometimes they do it every time, and sometimes it is on the egg which is gross. I have one that does it EVERY SINGLE TIME!
Are they having bloody poop in the coop, because they could be getting coccidiosis since they are now exposed to a new property. There are 9 strains of cocci and most chickens are immune to what is on their premises by 10-12 weeks, but if they move, they can get a strain. Corid for 5-7 days would help if you think it is coccidiosis. It is a cattle medication used for chickens.

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