blood in stool? (pic)


Feb 28, 2022
Hi everyone,

Kind of a long story, but we have new chickens at our house that I know nothing about, and I've been seeing what looks like blood in some stool (pic attached). I have corid I can give them, but any other suggestions? None of them are acting sick, and when I let them do some roaming through the backyard they seem happy foraging. I can't tell which chicken the blood is coming from.

We were traveling out of the country when a raccoon got all our chickens, and my family felt so bad that it happened on their watch (my brother was house sitting) that they quickly replaced our chickens with some from a local place. These new chickens are older (already laying but not very long), so I'm not sure if they're actually sick or if the blood is from something else. Could it be something they're eating in the backyard?

Any thoughts?


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I can't tell which chicken the blood is coming from.
That doesn't look like blood which is usually thin, bright red, and a lot of it, leaving no room for doubt.

It's probably shed intestinal lining or something they ate.

When bloody stool does happen due to coccidiosis.. not every dropping will contain the blood even from the bird that was just seen passing it.

Sorry for your loss. :hugs

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