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May 16, 2016
Joplin, Mo
Ok so I bought a chick from a lady who says she only sales healthy birds, but my bird had blood in her stool the first day tried nursing her back to health eventually the lady swapped her out for another who had the same problems with in the first five min of her being home (blood in her stool), this morning it was even worse
this was when I first got her home, same amount throughout the day.
this was this morning. The lady says that it is something in her environment that is stressing out her digestive system.
this is what I feed them and I guess the one having issues was on some other feed. Would changing up their feed do this ?
You NEED TO START ON CORID NOW. I believe your chick has coccidia, or coccidiosis, which is a parasite that lives in the gut and causes bloody stools and quick death. Corid is in the cattle section of feed stores. Coccidia is caused by unclean and wet bedding. Hopefully somebody will come along who knows the dosages
The lady whom only sells "healthy birds" sounds like an ignorant fool, in my opinion.
Her telling you that "something in her environment is stressing out her digestive system" is baloney.
She's selling chicks with obvious coccidiosis-- that's NOT healthy! If they came home with you sick like that, she's the problem-- not you.

Start that baby on Corid asap because Coccidiosis is a swift killer.
You will be able to see the Corid working almost immediately.
Dosage is 9.5cc per gallon of water for 5 days, mix a new batch daily.
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Thank you! So far it's ALL my fault... I clean their border too much, they need to be out side, ect. I have gotten 4 from Atwoods with out any problems. I got this one ( and one one before) that I swapped out due to an air bubble, and blood in her stool, from the breeder ( apparently, she the other one is doing just fine now) I'm about to head out to get some meds.
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Oh she sent me videos and pics of her set ups; which you could tell were freshly deep cleaned or bedding covered (considering how often she says she cleans them out). She was really making me question my chicken raising capabilities grant you my older girls are just as happy as can be.
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