Blood on egg chick hatching.Please Look at Pic. Brisnea Eco. Don't know what to do


6 Years
Mar 28, 2013
Morriston Florida
Its the beginning of day 21. Pips, I think my temp is a tad low.99. This is the first egg to hatch but the others are making lots of noise. Its been 12 hours, no change abd this little bit if blood on the crack. It this chick a goner? I added water on lockdown day and discovered today it was very very low.
I realize its been some time since you made this post, but I was checking to see how your egg is doing?
Sometimes chicks will pip thru a blood vessel, and mine that have have gone on to hatch without many issues. Also, after they pip, they take a looonnnggg time to get going again (usually, sometimes they'll pip and be completely out in no time). I hope you have a cute, fluffy baby today!!!!

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