Bloodthirsty little beasts - and what a week it has been

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by eggcited2, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Jul 8, 2010
    Was feeding the chickens and noticed one was pecking at my bare leg. Then others gathered around and didn't want to leave. That was when I noticed I was bleeding and my bloodthirsty little beasts were going after the blood. [​IMG]

    I am not very steady on my feet anyway. Had a fall at home yesterday and hit my head either during the fall or when I landed. A few seconds or so that I don't remember about falling. Lots and lots of aching, ribs on my right side sure hurt and the right side of my head has huge lump and hurts a lot. Have been having some dizzy/light headed today. Yesterday the floor kept feeling like when you are in a boat on it is bobbing around on water. I fell inside our house, landed on hardwood floor and was also up against the wall.

    I was all alone when I fell, and since I am disabled anyway, did not know if I would be able to get up by myself. Normally I can not get up from a fall with out help. But asked the good Lord to help me, and He certainly was watching over me. I managed to get so I was setting on my butt. Crawled/scooted down hallway, (I fell in the hallway), into frontroom, across front room over to my recliner on the other side of the room, with work, got up on my knees and onto my belly across the seat of the recliner. Then used the back of it to hold onto with my hands and after a few tries, finally made it up onto my feet.

    On top of all that, hubby is in hospital (went in this past Tuesday - Aug 17) with blood clot in his leg. His leg has been looking bad for a couple weeks. I kept telling him to see our doctor. Typical man that he is, he kept saying no. [​IMG] I finally made an appointment and told him he had to go. [​IMG] They did a doppler/ultra sound. The doc said to get to hospital right away. I took him over. Come to find out, even though his lower leg was almost three times normal size and vicious red, shinny skin and fluid was seeping out through the skin. The clot is actually in his upper leg. From the groin down to his knee. And the femoral artery is involved.

    No wonder dr said to get right to hospital and called ahead to have a room waiting. No going through ER or even having to go through admitting. As soon as we got there, it directly to a room, IV put in and heparin started.

    As of today, his leg looks so very much better. Red is all gone, almost normal size. They even let him get up and set in a reclining chair (to keep leg elevated) for a few hours. Doctor said that his levels of blood thinner is not where they want yet, and it will take a while to get those leveled out. He said Bill will be in until Monday or Tuesday at the least.

    I have been so very worried about him and now thankfully it looks as if things are improving and getting under control.

    And of course I have not at all taken any opportunities to mention that I had been telling him to see a doctor all along. [​IMG]

    As for my brother's cancer surgery last Friday (Aug. 13). They removed the cancerous spot on his kidney and he is doing good so far. The doc said that he got all the cancer and did not leave any. Path results are not back yet, but path did say that the margins looked good. They also told the surgeon that he did not remove too much but yet did not remove too little. Larry did have some trouble waking up from anesthesia, and that kept him recovery for about three hours for that. Then he went out on the CCU for a few days cause of his heart condition. But he got to come home Wednesday. He is very tired, but then he had some pretty major surgery just a week ago today. And with the condition of his heart on top of that, he is lucky to even to be here.

    I was up in Illinois for his surgery last week (Springfield) and back home to Bill as soon as I could. He was still insisting that nothing was wrong with his leg last week.

    It has been a bit busy here......................[​IMG]
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    May 19, 2008
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    Yikes! Sorry about all the trouble youre having... [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Hope things get better for everyone.. [​IMG]
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    so---when will you be going to the doctor your self????? [​IMG]
  4. smileybritches

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    and if you pass out in that chicken coop--well, they have gotten a taste for you now. jus' sayin' [​IMG]
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    Aug 19, 2010
    Eggcited - be careful! Sounds like you have had enough "excitement" to last the rest of the year! Can you carry a cell phone with you? I carry one at all times for safety. I am doing much, much better now because I lost a lot of weight, but I have very severe arthritis. It used to be that I would often fall and not be able to get up. That was why I had a very large golden retriever. He picked things up for me, and if I fell he was trained to lay down in front of me. I could then lay across him and he would stand up under me, so I could get up. He weighed 90# when he was in top form.

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