Bloody, bruised and battered rooster!

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7 Years
May 21, 2012
Hey everyone! My husband bought me three Ameraucana hens this weekend and was given the rooster, odd I thought, but when he came home with him I understood why. The rooster was in a terrible fight on Saturday with a bigger Ameraucana and sadly to say came out worse for wear. His head has the worst wounds. His comb was ripped and bloody, his left eye is sunken and blue cloudy colored, and his head is swollen. He ate on Saturday and drank water then my husband sprayed him down with Vetericyn wound treatment. My husband didn't want me near him since he's an unknown. He has not eaten or drank since Saturday to my knowlege. Actually I don't think he has even came off his roost. Well I have decided to take matters in my own hands and bring him inside and do whatever I can to make him comfortable, if its not too late. I have some Pro Pen G that I wanted to give him to help with any infection he may have, I have ordered some probiotics, vitamins and electrolytes to give him, but I'm concered about pain management, hydration and food consumption. I am doing all I can and wondered if I can do more? I hate to see an animal in pain and you can clearly tell he is miserable. If anyone has any advice or knows of anything else I can do for this little man please let me know! Thanks so much!
For pain, you can mix up a baby aspirin in a cup of water and give him that. Right now, he might be a little shocky. The best you can do for him is to keep him in a dark, quiet, warm place with fresh water and food. Give him a couple days to get over his ordeal. All the things you are doing, sound great. Antibiotics, vitamins, etc. I hope he gets better for you and who knows, after this, you may have a friend for life :)
I'm sorry for the poor guy
It sounds like you are doing what you can. There is a product called HomeoPet Trauma (they may have re-named it "First Aid"), it is a homeopathic and works wonderfully in dogs and cats. I'm not sure about chickens though. I hope he pulls out of it.

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