Bloody Goose and Placement Question

Discussion in 'Geese' started by SkyWarrior, Dec 23, 2011.

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    I have four geese: two Chinese browns, one Toulouse and one African.

    The Toulouse and African are a mated pair and have been in the barn in a smallish pen. They had been doing okay until recently.

    My Chinese geese stay out with the ducks and llama in a larger pen outside. They all pretty much get along.

    When I fed my Toulouse, I found she had left a huge bloody mess on the fence of their pen. I suspect it was from her bill. She was poking it through the fence at the Barnevelders. Rather than have her constantly poking at the pen, I moved her and her mate to the duck/geese pen with the llama.

    The birds have enough room to get out of each others way.

    My newcomers are big compared to everyone else. Problem? They have been difficult with the chickens in the past in a smaller pen, but maybe a larger pen will be okay. The ducks and other geese have pretty much avoided them. [​IMG]
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