Bloody Poo!! update: dummy was eating shavings!


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Jul 14, 2009
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I have dealt with Cocci in the past and this just seems different. It is only 1 chick in the brooder & all the others have normal, healthy poo. No one is hunching or puffed up or sickly looking. Everyone is of decent weight. They are 5weeks old.

Only 1 pullet has the blood poo..and i mean just watery BLOOD. The color seems weird also, it's kind of dark but still bright...hard to explain. This has been going on for a few days now.

I will treat for Cocci just in case but could it be possible she's eating shavings or something?

What other illnesses/diseases have this symptom?

ETA: I think i am also going to switch their bedding to just newspaper also...just is case she is dumb and eating shavings.
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I am seperating her tomorrow since I still have to put something together for her. So far everyone else is fine, all acting and pooing normal. I thoguht it might be her eating somehting because the poo is so "fresh" looking(like would come from a new cut), but it's pretty watery with only a few small little tiny lumps in it. I did only see her poo once though but all the other spots looked watery also since they soaked up in the shavings.
well ive been using them since day 4 and never had a problem til now, dunno why she was doing it.
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