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    Two weeks ago, I purchased 3 chicks at a local feed store. On Monday one died. -she had been looking very lethargic for a few days, and when I went to ask at the feed store they gave me some antibiotics (duramycin-10) to put in the water, however it was too late and we watched her gradually stop breathing. Now a second chick seems sick. I went to put her in the tractor this morning and noticed bloody droppings in her crate and watched as she released more blood. She's eating well, doesn't seem to be slow or anything, but obviously has an issue. Looking at older threads I'm assuming it's coccidiosis.
    My questions are-
    1- she's been on duramycin-10 since Monday, will this treat it? My local feed store is closed on Sundays, so if not, can I give her something in the meantime or do I need to travel to another store?
    2- do I need to treat the other remaining chick as well?
    3- do I need to worry about my grown hens? (They have not had any contact with each other except being in the same back yard)
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    Sounds like coccidiosis, in which case Duramycin will do absolutely nothing for it. I'd put them on Corid right away - you can pick it up at a feed store. Put it in the water that they all drink because it's a parasite and the chick that doesn't show symptoms likely has it too. Also give the brooder a thorough cleaning.
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