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May 11, 2015
so I am a new chicken momma.I got a batch of six bantams from TSC about 3 weeks ago. They have been doing great. Today I went to bowman's to get some feedand they had a new batch of cuckoo Marans only a few days old. the girl told me that they should do fine with my bantams. so here is my question... I had been feeding my older chicks regular baby chick food. The girl at bowmans told me that I should have all of the chicks on medicated food until 16 to 18 weeks. She told me to switch them over. So I bought the bag of medicated food and came home and put everyone on it. this evening I have found a few bloody stools from the older chickens. I am worried that this could be the cocci bacteria I hear about or is it from switching the food?! I keep the pen that they are in really clean! And I clean their water every single day! Usually 2 to 3 times a day. I plan on going in the morning and getting medicine to treat them all. But I am really upset. Thoughts??
The medicated food will help them recover faster, it basically blocks the coccidia from developing in their stomachs. Corrid is a stronger version of what's in the medicated feed. Chicks with severe coccidiosis need both.
thank you very much! I went back to the feed store this morning and talked to them about it. I also checked the coop this morning and there was no more bloody stools. All of the chicks seem to be doing fine. she told me to continue with the medicated food and I added a probiotic and electrolyte solution to their water for now. she said she thought that since it was only two small bloody stools that it was more likely that one of the chicks was irritated by another chick. but she told me to come back asap and treat them all if I see anything else. thank you for replying. I really appreciate it :)
So I also just bought 4 silkies from a local farmer and got them home to find them pooping blood ... Thank heavens I didn't put them with my other flock yet.. How should I address this ?? The same??
Medicated feed will not treat an active case of coccidiosis. If they are pooping blood they need Corid.

I've only had one case of coccoidiosis and treated it with medicated feed. I did catch it early. I've heard people say that there's not enough amprolium in medicated starter to make a difference, but like I said, I've just had the one case. Maybe I got lucky.

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