BLRW,FBCM, Ameraucana chicks,chickens please read


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Nov 21, 2011
Belgrade Montana
This may be a long shot. I am having issues hatching this year. I am looking at a few specific chickens to add to my stock.
I would like to get a flock of ameraucana chickens going. At least 12
I am looking for F. Black Copper maran a couple roos. I have hens but will take what I get as long as a roos is in there.
I am also looking for a lavendar Orpington roo to go with my L. orp hens
I would like some BLRW I have 2 splash hens. Also looking for a roo
And I would like to add some Mille Fluer's hens as I have a roo

Any age and I will pay shipping. Thanks for looking
If you want hatching eggs I saw ameraucana eggs (even the new silkie ameraucana) on the hatching eggs for sale page
There are also lav orp chicks for sale on the chickens 1-8 weeks old for sale page. If you check your local craigslist page there is normally something!
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