Blue Marans 2.5months old, french standard, for pick up or I will ship

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    Apr 9, 2009
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    I have 2 blue marans that need a new home. I want them to go together, as they have been with each other since they hatched, and are very well bonded. I thought I had one cockerel & 1 pullet, but as you can see below, I guess they are both cockerels. One is still bigger than the other, and the smaller one still has paler skin, but has a comb and wattles, so could just be slower to mature. Neither one has any aggressive tendencies - they don't even play fight (not with each other or any of the other birds, and they are in with other cockerels and a roo). All of my birds free range weather permitting and are used to getting goodies. The bigger cockerel has some copper color leaking through on his neck - just noticed this a couple days ago, so they are PQ, and should not be bought for showing [​IMG] Thanks for looking! Please note, in the pictures they look just about identical. BUT, the bigger one is a lighter blue, and the other one is slightly darker with no copper coloring leaking through. Shipping includes the cost of the box.

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    All three pics shows cockerals, the tails were a dead giveaway! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Well, there you go! That has been my luck this year [​IMG] Thanks!
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    Yes ewe is correct both are roosters...what a shame!


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