Blue Orpingtons & Misc. Chicks ( Pic Heavy )


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Feb 2, 2008
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I would like to get your inputs on the coloration of some of the 20 new chicks I received today, i.e, blue, black, etc. The breeder suggested that there was some lavender in the shipment as well. Also included are some new breeds I am introducing into my flocks.

No: 1 Orp Color?

No: 2 Orp Color?

No: 3 Orp

No: 4 Orp

No: 5 Orp Blue or Black?

No: 6 Orp Blue or Black?

Blue Rock

Unique Color Blue Rock?

Speckled Sussex

Silver Gray Dorkin All have 5 toes
Oh my goodness! Looks like you got some splash. I have one that is so silvery light it looks white too. The flash on my camera just washes its color out completely! I will be coming to get the first 4. Thank you! LOL
MissPrissy said:
Looks like you got some splash.

Splash? Really? Wow! That's exciting. If that is the case then I have several of them in this brood. I had a terrible time trying to photo them because the color just washed out like you said. I am frustrated in my ignorance and my attempts to identify the colors. Thanks for your input.​
Roger, that 3rd from the last pic looks like a mottled color pattern rather than a blue-look on Feathersite on the Orpington chick page and there is a pic of a bunch of Mottled Orps. That one looks like them to me. The first one is a splash and the second one is either extremely light blue or splash, maybe even the lavender the breeder mentioned. #3 and 4 are blues, #5 is either very dark blue or black, #6 appears black then the blue rock and that odd mottled-looking one.
Here's the link:
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I was going to say the same thing...That looks like a Mottled chick. Lucky you!

Very nice looking chicks Yogiman! I hope I get a good hatch from my Gordie eggs. I also have some from Julie/BamaChicken. They are all due to hatch around 4/3. They are all under broody hens.
Very nice looking chicks Yogiman! I hope I get a good hatch from my Gordie eggs.

I wanted for you to see the pics so it would give you some idea as to what colors you might expect from Gordie's eggs. The mottled chick is a Rock, I think, because it has yellow legs. It is going to be interesting to see what it turns out to be.

Some of the orps in the 20 are very unique in coloration. It is difficult for me since they are new to me. I have only had buff orps for years in the past. As of right now I have some 5 or 6 different color oprs. Orps every where!​

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