Blue Paint Silkie thread

Chicken Crazy12

10 Years
Mar 10, 2009
Starting up a Blue Paint Silkie thread!

Those of you that have Blue Paints post your pics please and feel free to discuss the color. I'll start us off




These are all pics of my blue paint cockerel. He is a few months old in the pics and already crowing. I just recently took a look at one of my other paints that up untill this point has been all white and it now has a wing spot that is blue as well
praying it's a pullet so I can pair the two up, but I have some nice blacks to use with this boy to make more blues though anyway.
there beautiful i caint wait till i get mine i also found some lemon splash love your birds very prety!!!
Thanks, I'm actually surprised there have not been more people posting on the thread with blue paints. Maybe they will start posting soon.
Oh, my we are back on line!

I didn't realize how addicted I was to BYC until it was gone. Anyway we are back and I'm hoping to get some more picks of my blue paint cockerel and get a better look at my other blue paint that only has one spot on her wing.
fingers crossed it's a little pullet.

One interesting thing about my blue paint cockerel is that he hatched out solid white, I'm wondering if the blue had anything to do with that. As you can see now he has tons of beautiful spots, but he did not start out that way for sure.
as far as i know blue paint would be a splash

No. Entirely different both genetically and phenotypically. Just as a paint does not look like a splash with a very light background, a blue paint should not look like a splash. However, with blue paint breeding, there IS the likelihood of splash paint, and if I remember what I have read correctly, that can be confusing in appearance. I am not where I can check my references.
as far as i know blue paint would be a splash

Paint is with a white background. Here is a pic off the feathersite of a splash and paint side by side. Now just replace the black on that paint with blue and that is a blue paint. This boys mom was a black hen and his dad was a paint rooster.


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