BO hen can't walk right/tail down...HELP!


Pink Roses Farm
9 Years
Mar 14, 2010
Pearl River
yesterday was quite warm here, coop is in the shade and well ventilated with lots and lots of water. They also get to free range in the yard with a lot of shady places to hang out.

Noticed one hen yesterday with tail down...favoring one leg, and falling down. She did not really try to get away, and has sticky poo feathers near the vent. As far as I can tell she only drinks when I dip her head in the water. she isn't eating the crumbles, but takes a bit of plain yogurt if I dip her beak near it.

After I brought her inside and put a small fan near her she started to breath normally. eyes and nose are clear. Today she avoided capture and was vocal the way I would expect a chicken to act, but she still is not walking very well. she does look as though she is standing on both legs. BM's look mostly normal. might have passed a broken egg by the look of some stuff in the tub...the tail is still down...but looks higher than it did earlier...

Someone suggested that she may have had a heat stroke....All other chickens are fine. is there anything I can do to help her?

Thank you.

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