Boarding, a good idea or a bad idea?

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  1. I want to help this local couple who just lost their house to foreclosure. They have two Pot Belly pigs who are 9 and 6, a male and a female and they have two whether male Nubian goats. They are desperately trying to fond a place to board them. They already have their own large pen and houses with straw, etc. that will come with them. She will come out and feed and water and clean up after them except for 4 days a week when she's asking me to do morning feed for her only because she has to be to her work for like 7am and won't have time to come out here first. She will buy all their grain/hay/bedding. She wants to pay me $100 per month for board which is perfectly fine with me, that's my cable/phone/internet bill every month.
    Her goats are disbudded and everyone is up to date on things. She is a vet tech and runs a pet sitting buisness and also told me that if I ever needed any pet sitting it would be free or very cheap depending on the amount of time.
    I have never done this type of thing before and I'm a little nervous about it. Should I make some kind of agreement on paper, or like a lease or something?

    My 8 year old son adores pigs but I have no intention of having any of our own and these two are supposed to be really great with kids, the female has even done animal assisted therapy work and loves car rides and walks on a leash. I think it could really be a win win for everyone but I guess I'm just still a little nervous. I have heard horror stories about people boarding and then ditching the animals and stuff. She sounds really devoted to her pets though...
    Any advice?
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    Sounds like a win win for everyone.
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    I would talk with her and have her put what she wants in writing. But other then that it sounds like everyone will win.
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    Sounds like a lot of fun...definitely get something in writing though. Things can always backfire, even between friends [​IMG]
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    I would get something in writing, and even then, there is a very real potential for trouble IMO. I cannot tell you how many dog, cat and horse stories of this exact nature I have seen end in huge drama of various kinds.

    Not saying don't do it, just, you know, sayin' [​IMG]

    Good luck,

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    I agree about getting it in writing. Look at the web for a boarding contract. Include in the contract that if board is not paid or if owner does not come to feed as agreed upon that the animals become you property to dispose of as you see fit.
    This sounds harsh but this is to protect you. A good friend had to sell 2 people's horses boarded at her place last year. The last thing she wanted to do was to sell them, but the owners kept putting off paying for their board and she had no choice.
    It made her the bad guy, but she lost money and time keeping them for as long as she did.
    Pots are fun! I hope it turns out well for all of you.
  7. I have a rule of thumb about doing business deals with family and/or friends. . . . . .

    DON'T DO IT !!!!

    The fastest way I know to lose a friend is over money disagreements . . . .

  8. Quote:Yes, I usually agree with you. Luckily this woman isn't a friend of mine. I just answered her ad looking for farms in my area to put her animals.

    I meet her in person today. We'll see what kind of vibes I get off of her and yes I would definately have her sign something prior.
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    Good luck, let us know how it goes.
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    even if they are your best friends in the whole wide world,, GET EVERYTHING IN WRIGHTING, AND SIGNED BY BOTH PARTIES

    please please please.. learn for my mistakes.. do it!!!
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