Bobcat makes a visit


8 Years
Apr 13, 2011
Lake Placid, FL
This bobcat was caught on our camera last night at 9:30 and then again at 11:00. We have seen many bobcat tracks before but we are not very concerned about him being able to get in. We are pretty predator proof plus we have an electric fence around the entire perimeter of the run and coop.

Beautiful cat! We have a game cam - have never used it. I almost don't want to know what's lurking about in the night.... We live on a farm, wildlife is abundant. I just don't want to know how close they really get.
We really like the game cam. It is located on a tree about 10 yards behind the coop and run on a pathway that the wildlife takes. We have had pictures of deer, bear, bobcat, coyote, fox, possum, racoon. We do let our chicks out of their run but only during the late afternoon when we are there to watch them. I stand guard with a shotgun mainly to discourage the hawks. Without the electric fence we would not feel secure. We are surrounded by pine forest and pine barrens so we need to be able to live with the wildlife because they really outnumber us. We do not tolerate racoons or rats.

We are in a rural area, surrounded by farmland, grassland, sloughs, and groves. We have coons, possums, coyotes, skunks, mink, hawks and eagles as our major predators. We see them on the road, in the ditches, pretty much everywhere. They have plenty of room to roam without being near our buildings. Any of the above-mentioned animals (except for the hawks and eagles, of course) that venture that close dies. Coons die because they are a general nuisance - not only the threat to the chickens, but they can decimate a sweet corn patch in a night. Possums die because of the disease they carry that my horses could catch. Skunks because they are the main carriers of rabies around here, and coyotes because there are way too many of them. One of these days I'll get the game cam going. I might be putting it into my coop to see what's sneaking in and eating the eggs if I don't get out there several times a day to pick them. I'm guessing one of our barn cats. Since the coop's not secured, I don't blame the cat. They're good for rodent control.
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