Bobwhite aviary?


8 Years
Aug 31, 2011
Naples, FL
Well I was going to build The Garden Coop for my bobs but then I decided to keep them in my back screened-in patio so now I am thinking of building a flight cage in there for them. How long do bobwhite roost in trees for? A lone wild male around my property would be up high in the pine trees calling all afternoon long. I would see him in the trees more than I saw him scurrying in & out of the scrub.

I don't see many roosting perches in peoples' bob coops. I'm keeping my bobs as pets only so I want them to have everything I can give them. Does anyone know how much time bobs actually spend flying & in roosts? I'm not certain where to place perches/branches or how tall to make the aviary.
Bobs hardly ever use perches or roosts. When they sleep, they usually just hudle together on the ground. They also never fly unless they get scared, so the aviary doesn't need to be very tall.
Mine huddle at night to sleep as well. But I have added quite a few perches to my big flight pen & the Bob's use them alot mainly in the evenings. A big flight pen has advantages it enables the birds to flap their wings & fly plus helps them stay safer from the not so friendly o
thers. This is what I have observed in my pen. Here's the pen.
Really? They hardly ever fly or roost??
Mehh. Boring
I'll still love my babies though! Will they utilize ramps to go to other levels of an enclosure? What are their behaviors? I want to make an enriching enclosure.
They don't need ramps. I'll get some pictures of my perches. My pen is big so they have enough room to fly from one end to the other. I walk in the door & they will fly to the opposite side. As you can see my pen has high ceilings. This is my first adventure with raising Bob's so all I can tell you is what I've done & observed thus far. My birds are around 6 months old they have not breed as of yet & no eggs. Hoping next year I'll get some fertile eggs to sell & I'll be hatching more Bob's to add to my covey. Will see. If all goes well I'll hatch a hundred more & raise them in separate grow out pens & add when they are about the same size as the existing flock.

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