boiling farm fresh eggs

You have to wait til the eggs have a little age before boiling.I like to wait until they are about 2 wks. old.The reason is that in that time moisture will have evaporated from the fresh egg and the egg will be less full of contents.
I must say my explantion is lacking but anyway trust me they will peel much better.Anytime I have eggs that have gotten some age (I do keep them in the frig.btw.) I boil them and if I don't eat them I mash them up fine shell and all and mix with layer crumbles to feed back to the chickens.They love it!
Now if my eggs are fresh and I want to boil them I add a good amt. of salt in the water they boil in.
I put about a teaspoon of salt and a Tablespoon of baking POWDER in the water when I boil fresh eggs. (Use more salt and baking powder if you are boiling a dozen eggs or more). After boiling, pour the hot water off and kind of 'shake' them in the pan so that they crack. Then put ice cubes on them and cold water and peel IMMEDIATELY. They will peel easily and it works every time.
I watched someone on tv boil some eggs and then right after put them in a bowl of ice water and they peeled
them so easy so i tried it and it worked great!!!! Right into the ice water seems to be the trick.
And these were fresh eggs that I used.
It raises the PH of the water; makes the ph ratio of the 'fresh' egg/water more like the 'old' egg/water...
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The quick cool down is the main trick It cause moisture from a warm inner substance to a cooled outer shell
Kinda like a moisture barrier from the inside

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