Bold Red Fox!


9 Years
Jul 6, 2010
Eastern MA
I have seen 2 red foxes repeatedly on our farm and in our woods near the animals. They have been close to the animals and chickens but we have been lucky and have been able to scare the fox off. Well the back of my chicken coop is in my sheep pen. Yesterday I found a hole that something dug but was unable to get in because the coop is made with barn boards. Not long after one of the foxes was spotted in the field with the sheep and then took off. I have 2 llamas in this pen. Shouldn't the llamas have detered the fox from coming into the pen. The front access to the coop has electric fence around it. How have others gotten rid of the foxes or get them to move on. I feel it is only a matter of time right now before the fox is successful.

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