Boo to Marion, Ohio


9 Years
Mar 17, 2010
Just seen on 10 tv Columbus, the city of Marion is considering adopting nuisance regulations that would prohibit all "farm animals" from being kept inside city limits. The story isn't on yet. Because it's a nuisance regulation there will be no "grandfathering" allowed and animal owners will be fined if the animals are not removed.

I wonder if the same regulations will apply to cats and dogs. Probably not.
I tried to do a google search on it but this was the only page that came back!

From what was said on tv there was an instance of a few complaints and an animal control officer having to check into an instance of a couple chickens in the street. One woman interviewed said she works 3rd shift and didn't want to hear roosters crowing while she was trying to sleep. They showed a bit of the town meeting and one woman who keeps a horse in her backyard was almost in tears as she was asking about having to get rid of the horse she rides through the neighborhood. She said she has had the horse 11 years and it was on it's way to the glue factory when she got it.

I checked the Mairon Star (local newspaper) website and have checked (the station that reported this) and there is not one thing on either site!

Now I'm wondering if I'm going crazy.

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