Bought 3 more =)


6 Years
Jun 10, 2013
Battle Ground, SW Washington
Had a hard time choosing, but went with a:

Cuckoo Marans( Unnamed)

An Easter Egger(Named Alana Bloom)

And a Production/Rhode Island Red (Named Freddie Lounds)

I was gonna get a polish, since they had them listed in, but they said they were supposed to get them that day but haven't, so they're not sure if they just hatched late or got lost, but are really really hoping they didn't get lost.

Anyway, I was going to get the polish instead of the marans, but so far the marans is really really sweet even though I've only had her for like an hour =P Freddie and Alana are both snuggling together in the brooder, but the CM was being real chirpy and needy and now she's sitting and sleeping on my neck. Very sweet, but so far she's just wanted to sit with me. She was chirping really loud and she didn't want food or water, and the heat was the right temp, but instantly got quiet when I started to pet her and pick her up. I gotta get a name for this lil' one!

And this time i'm hoping they're all girls =P I got 5 out of 6 girls my first batch(all sexed pullets), and I have 3 new ones now so we'll see what happens!

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