Bourbon Red Standard of Perfection

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    Does anybody know where I can find a copy of the APA standard of perfection for Bourbon Reds? I know I could buy the APA SOP book, but it's at least $45 used and I really only need the one standard.

    Also, is there a breed club for Bourbons, or turkeys in general?
  2. I don't know if this helps, but...

    The standard calls for a dark red plumage with white in the flight and tail feathers. The main tail feathers are crossed by a soft red bar near the end. Body feathers on the toms may be edged in black, though the less black, the better. The neck and breast feathers are mahogany, with a narrow edging of white present on the breast feathers of the females. The under feathers are light red shading to light salmon. The beak is a light horn color at the tip and dark at base and the eyes are dark brown. The beard is black and the shanks and toes are reddish pink. Their weights are 33 pounds for mature toms and 18 for mature hens. It has been a popular variety for many years, and today it remains the most numerous of Historical turkeys.
  3. The standard doesn't specify where the white is on the tail feathers or how much is correct? Just wondering.... btw I LOVE porter's site I just wish they would ship to VA!!! I realllllly want some pencilled palms!

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