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May 23, 2011
Hi all - we have 9 Barred rocks and they all look exactly alike. they pretty much all had big yellow dots on their heads as chicks - they were splotchy and ran down their necks a little too. I started paying attention to this when they were all about 4 days old - dont know if spots spread by then -- but I began writing them all off as .. well.. dinner hence our most favorite name: Kung Pao.

so here are my assorted pictures. They all look alike to me -- I can tell them all apart but they all look the same color for the most part


my BRs... you can see the black jersey giants in the back.

Kung Pao (s/he gets no dinner invitation - THE best little guy ever - looks after all the runts and keeps the bullies in line - he grew the fastest of all the chicks - he's about 2 or 3 days ahead of all the others I'd say. S/he's staying - practically a family member now!)

another KP

an arial shot so you can see how their color compares to the JGs

We got them all at about 1 day old on April 21st - so they are around 4 weeks old
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I would have the hardest time eating chickens I raised. More power to you, I can barely stomach chicken noodle soup now that I have these girls!!!

Your chicks are absolutely beautiful
thanks. Our 8 year old has boycotted chicken fingers -- "Until our chicks get to the ugly stage"
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oh boy... so we have 9 BR gals and 8 jersey giant! EGG CITY!!!

Thanks you guys. I felt dumb posting since you have had so many helpful pics in the past but I couldn't believe I had NO roos. I had nothing to compare the ladies to in real life AND my stock clearly doesn't have the dot rule down.

My daughter is so happy...

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