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Jun 30, 2019
I noticed Lucy is slightly more grey than her sister and this morning heard attempts at crowing. 12 weeks old. Is it a roo? (The Lighter one in front) it also pecks at my husband whenever he’s near and is more assertive than our other BR.

Thanks in advance!


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It’s a pullet
Do they make sounds at sunrise? It was a new thing she did this morning that wasn’t quite crowing but it sounded like an attempt. Do they make noise like that typically? First time with BR. Thank you!!
Can a pullet have a curved tail like that?

At 12 weeks it’s still got development time. I’ve seen cockerels pop up from suspected pullets like that before.
nt that
Wow, ok I didn’t know that pullets were capable of that. Thank you. I guess I’ll wait for them to grow and develop more.

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