Brag about your roo

Bigtom Turkey

Nov 29, 2020
This is just a thred to brag about your rooster accomplishments, weather it be in protection, beauty, size, chicks he makes...the list goes on and on. So go ahead and brag
I just love to brag about my roos (except for my orp, he’s dumb). My ameraucana roos will take on anything for their hens, they always dance for them and give them food. Ranger my black ameraucana will also follow me around and he’s remembered my daily routine.
My baby Attack is the smartest, funniest, cutest, strongest and most determined boy I have. But he’s only about 2 months. He’s not a rooster yet but he will be the prettiest rooster ever. He’s a flarry eye gray.
I just love the roo I have now but he, even in all his splendor, can't beat my old roo. My old roo was a SLW, he was mean but made it up when he fought in the middle of the night against a owl to save his hens. He however is gone the people living a ways away from us'is dog got into there coop and we had to put him down:hit.
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