Brahma/Chantecler mix

Canadian chicks

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Mar 18, 2012
So I got these four pullets at the fir and feather show in town and they said that they were Brahma/Chantecler mixes. Two of them are white and two of them are black they all have feathers on there legs and feet. Are they actually a mix of these to breeds or did they just say that they were? And I think that one of them might be a rooster I'm not totally sure would it have a big comb on its head if it was? these pictures were of when I got them at two months old they are now four months old and the white pullets faces are dark red instead of the pink colour they were.
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Looks like it. They also look cold, if they are 4 weeks they should have a heat lamp in there at 75 degrees F, and 5 weeks would be 60-65 degrees F.

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