brahma color genetics


Feb 4, 2018
I have a 1 rooster in the color white and grey like the hen on the first picture (the picture of the hen is of my young pullet in same color as her brother) and I have 4 rooster in the color white and black like on the next picture.

What i’m Think is, there all from a rooster that was white with little bit black in him (not much black tho) he’s on the picture number 3 and he’s the father of them all. So you can see the sons have more colours in them then the father.
Now the mother of the rooster who is white and grey is in the color silver partridge, she is on the 4 picture
On picture number 5 and 6 are the possible mother’s of the that are white and black roosters in color.

What i’m thinking I was going to pick one rooster to keep but I cannot figure out what color rooster I should pick of them.

I really love the silver partridge color, if I mate the white and grey one to his mother (silver partridge hen) will I be able to get silver partridge? Or will it be some in between color?

So what i’m basically thinking is what color rooster will give me the most colors?
Because there father only gave me white chicks even tho I didn’t own any white hen so he was doing copy paste of him self


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Would definitely like to find out with you. I am hatching out my own chicks and have a Light Brahma Rooster. I feel like no matter the hen, I end up with white chicks! I would like to see some more color :(

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