Brahma color question


Aug 27, 2018
Southern Chester County, PA
Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, but do Dark Brahmas have a juvenile coloring? This is Deco, hatched Feb 19, 2019, and Trusty, hatched 2 weeks later, both from Ideal Hatchery, TX. As a chick, Deco had Dark coloring, and Trusty had Light, but although Deco has developed a little more of the darker down than Trusty, she certainly does not look like a Dark Brahma to me. In all fairness, I suppose she might be an intermediate color, a product of typical Brahma "double mating", as she was sold in a Brahma assortment, but I sure was hoping for Dark! Can anyone more familiar with Brahmas advise me please?

The pics are Deco @ 1 week, Trusty @ 1 week, and Deco @ 3 weeks. So sorry, I could've sworn I had current photos of both of them, but I don't. I will take some this afternoon. So sorry!


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Got the new pics! Lighting was pretty bad but we'll see what we can see...

The first 2 are Trusty, the Light Brahma. The last 3 are Deco, who was supposed to be Dark. I'm thinking I might have gotten 2 Lights, but their chick coloring was so different! Deco has a few more dark feathers up top and her down is darker, but the pattern seems identical to me. Do juvenile Brahmas have a special coloring until after they molt, or should a Dark show more penciling now? Again, they are both about 6 months old.


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Wow, nicolandia, how can you tell that precisely? They are both intended to mate with my black Jersey Giant, so coloring wasn't a HUGE issue, but I am curious. If I buy Brahma chicks in spring, what should I look for (besides a reputable breeder, rolling eyes) to pick a Dark? Any possible ideas what their half-Jersey Giant babies will look like?

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