Brahma might be a mix breed hen or roo?

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Sep 8, 2014
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I picked up 5 chicks this spring 3 are at least part Brahma's 2 I am sure are Roo's they love to crow and 1 has a favorite girlfriend. The third one I am still guessing about, they are now 6-7 months old now and she does not make much or any noise, no cluck or coos like the other girls is the largest bird in the pen might be getting a spur. I did my best to get pics, she a bit camera shy.

That what I have been thinking, but the lack of crowing and no real interest in the hens had me questioning myself. The other two get into growing competitions, this one nothing. They are the same age is it normal for a rooster to not crow?
The saddle feathers say it all - that is a rooster. As for not crowing, it happens -- especially because there are other roosters in your flock it is likely he is aware of his subordinate position in things and that is keeping him from making himself known vocally. Are you planning to house them in a bachelor pad or will you be expanding your flock to get things in a better gender balance?
I am planning a move for the flock. Right now they are in a chain link pen 10x15 with a coop that is in my fenced back yard. I have an other 1+ acre that I would like to move the pen to and make it larger that way they could range at least part of the day. I could make another area for the roosters all three hatched together and seam to be getting along fine so far, I know they are young yet. I really like the brahma's so would rather keep them if I can.

My other two boys the white one is King of the coop. Have no idea what mix the second one is besides Brahma they are big genital boys tho. Was really hoping one would be a hen.

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