Brains exposed


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6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
I just hatched out 5 bantam eggs (various types) and the last one ended up hatching out with one eye missing, the lower beak longer than the top, and his brains outside of his head.
Not to be gross, but I did take a picture if anyone would like to see it. Not for gruesome reasons, I just didn't know if there would be a useful reason to post it.
Anyway, I gave him overnight to see if he would pass on his own, but he didn't so I euthanized the poor thing.
The other 4 eggs all hatched great and are doing well, so I do not know what caused all of the other one's problems.
I just had to put a chick down that hatched today. It had a cephalocle. The whole back of his skull was missing and his brain exposed. He would flip over on his back when put on the ground. It was my first time having to do that but I knew he would
Not make it. The eggs were from a time after I used wazine. Has anyone ever had an experience with birth defects after wormers. I know you aren't supposed to eat the eggs but I never thought about defects. All other chicks seem fine.

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