Brand New Chicken-owner - MA


9 Years
Apr 12, 2010
We just built our own coop and can't wait to get some chickens (4 girls).
I prefer pullets, 4-6 months old, not baby chicks.
I would love to learn about such a place (perhaps, a farm), that would sell me pullets along with bedding (pine), food, waterer, and everything else needed, because we don't have anything yet.
I have done my research and know what needs to be purchased, and I could do it in separate places as well... What would you recommend? Where do I get chickens for the first time?

Thanks to everybody who responded!
Look on Craigslist for your area, you most likely aren't going to find somewhere this time of year that can sell you birds and supplies. Also, if there are certain breeds you are interested in, look for breed clubs, they should have a breeder list / directory, or at least contact info for someone that can help you find birds in your area.

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