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Apr 30, 2009
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Spring break has officially began


Spring (even though there is still snow on the ground from this historical winter) is officially beginning. Now I don't care what those calanders say, about solstice and whatnot, I know this to be factual because....

I saw a turkey vulture today!

They've finally returned!!!

It's a good day.
Yay! Its nice for it to finally be warming up in Iowa

I've heard and seen lots of geese flying around, is that a good sign winter is going and spring is comming?
You know, living here in balmy (?) Virginia, it never occurred to me that Turkey Vultures might not live year-round in more northerly climates. I think yours spent the winter at my house.
Way up here in Wisconsin, I know spring is here when the geese start flying back up north to Canada. So until I see my geese (or a robin!) it's not spring here yet. Although the weather has been lovely...
I forgot about robins, they seem odd with their timing around here though. lol
I guess Juncos are good to watch and see when we start getting less and see more migrating birds. We have gotten a ..white throated sparrow(i think) lately.
Is a turkey vulture the same thing as a plain ole vulture? We have vultures year round.

Our daffodils are blooming, as well as some shrubs.
Turkey Vulture:

Black Vulture:

I just saw a pair of black vultures a few days ago. It never really hits you how freakin' big those things are until they fly up in front of your windshield.

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