Breed help! (Golden Laced Wyandotte? Something else entirely?)


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Apr 17, 2015
Hi folks!

Of my 17 mystery chicks, I think I have most of them finally figured out. :)
This guy (I think he's a rooster) threw me for a loop because he looked identical to a bunch of other chicks (I think those are Dark Cornish) for a while and now is clearly larger, fluffier, has a different comb, and has different coloration. He is 6 weeks old.

Anyone know what he is? (And if he's a he?) What kind of comb is this? (I don't have a lot of experience with different combs!)
Thanks for any thoughts!!

Too early to tell. Doesn't look like my glw roo at that age. No hackle feathers. Here is my roo at 2 years.
Given the size and redness of its comb and wattles at 6 weeks, I don't think there's any questions that ultraflora's bird is a cockerel.

X 2 - this is not a matter of being too early to tell. A pullet would have an entirely different appearance at this age. The differences in saddle and hackle feathers that are related to gender differentiation don't develop for several more weeks.
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Thanks, everyone! He's turning into quite a beautiful teenager, and is pretty funny. I moved them all from the brooder to the coop today (finally!!!) and he was the last one to go because he hid out from being caught more than any of the other chicks. He's sweet in the hand but scared. Glad to be able to feel confident I know what he is. :)

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