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Oct 31, 2009
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I renamed this thread as I have some questions. Please see updates post #15

Someone contacted me asking if I can take a duckling that they bought and can no longer care for. She got it at the fleamarket and does not know the breed. I am assuming probably muscovy (since down here you can go out and catch them) but wanted some opinions.

Here are pics I have gotten from her and they are not great.


I don't think the line on the face goes in front of the eye, only behind but hard to tell because of flash. So, I'm thinking not a mallard. I'm hoping the cage was just not cleaned out yet and that is not what it is living in.

Any ideas on breed?
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Just went back and looked at pics of my duckling [muscovy] when he was that little and he didn't have an eye stripe at all, so I don't know if it's a muscovy but sure looks like it needs a good home by looking at it's cage.
I googled pics of mallard and muscovy. I remembered something from years ago when I worked for the SPCA here about the difference in the eye stripes between the two. We were not suppossed to call rescue on muscovy (gotta love Florida) but we had some people that would come and get the "unidentified" ducklings. I'm hoping its a muscovy, would be nice to have an outside bloodline once mine get older. I'll
Hope so too they are great ducks as I'm sure your finding out.

I love their little chirps and whistles. SOOOOO cute.

The tail wagging and head movements are a close second.

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