Breed help, RIR or NHR or? 4 EE's plus ?


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Sep 3, 2013
York, ME

i have 6 ladies. 19 weeks old. The dark red started laying at 17 weeks. I think she may be a RIR or NHR?

I have no clue what breed the girl in the next two photos is. Any ideas?
When I placed the order it was for 4 EE's, and 2 brown layers, no breed specified.


Thanks for your help!
York, ME
MPC is a middleman, that usually drop ships from Meyer Hatchery, so your chicks probably came from there. the one hen looks like their version of RIR, the other what they call a Golden Buff, (red sex link)
I got them online from Is that bad? Thanks for taking the time to reply!
No hatcheries are not bad if you just want chickens in the back yard for looks and eggs. If you want to show your chickens after awhile, you will need to get from a breeder of what ever breed you want for show proposes.
Hatchery birds are great for backyard folks. They might not always (okay, usually lol) meet the "breed standard", but they're great layers and usually fairly docile and do well in a backyard. That's really what we want, right? Pretty hens and colorful eggs!
I didn't mean to imply that hatchery birds are bad in any way--the majority of mine are hatchery birds. I just meant that since the OP was sent a RSL as part of his mystery brown egg pair, the complement to that pair might be a Production Red, especially as the red on the bird in the photo wasn't really dark enough to be a RIR.

RIR, Production Red--either way, from hatchery stock, you'll have a pretty red bird that lays nice brown eggs. Not a showable bird, but a great flock member nonetheless.
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She is a good looking bird and a family favorite. Easiest to hold and laying good although eggs are small. 12 eggs through today. Her and the RSL compete for team leader. Thanks the info, my eddycation continues. Ayuh.

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